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   How to start an Acting or Modeling Career

Beneath the accompanying glamour and celebrity thats so enticing to so many, the entertainment industry underbelly has been encrusted with more than its share of scam artists and sleaze balls. The slickest feed on the greed of investors who ought to know better but are beguiled by the lure of notoriety and quick returns.

The worst parasites prey on the hopes of the innocent, the ignorant, the young and the defenseless.
It’s your kids hopes, in some cases their well-being and most certainly their meager savings (or yours) that are on the line.
800Casting is dedicated to finding new faces and promoting them through today’s fastest growing communication medium, the Internet and helping to empower the talent themselves to create their own success.

Occasionally, clients find young man or women who possess that certain excellence that makes them a candidate for high-paying career. Truthfully, this seldom happens. The modeling and acting business is extremely competitive. Like any other career, if a talent is willing to put in the time and effort, most likely there will be some type of monetary reward.

As a talent, you must be able to handle rejection. There will be many times when you’ll be on the casting or audition and sitting in the room with numerous people seeking the same position. The competition is keen!

Read the following information carefully, the information can save you a lot of time, aggravation and money.

First you need a good headshot or a three-quarter pose. The industry standard is an 8″ X 10″ color photograph with you name discreetly placed in the lower right corner. Do not spend a lot of money on your first photo session because, most likely, you will want to reshoot when you are interviewed by your agent. Your 800Casting profile allows you to upload 10 different assorted images which is more than ample for introducing yourself to agents and or clients.

NOTE: Parents with infants and/or very small children (4 and younger) do not need headshots

If you are a model, you may need something a little more exotic to catch a good modeling agent’s eye.
Actors require only a headshot and resume. Actors should plan to attend workshops in order to improve their skills. Generally speaking, if you’re going to be in film or commercials, New York and California require that should be a union member. On the other hand, Florida and North Carolina are Right To Work States. In Florida, we would advise actors to list with several SAG agents as well as a few good non-union agents.

An organization that represents actors and models appearing in advertisements or entertainment productions.

Most agencies aspire to be principled. Certainly there is a silent code of ethics in the industry. This business, like so many others, is full of trickery. Many new talent run into problems because they do not know where to go. They are unsure as to who is legitimate or who to trust.
Newspaper ads, individuals who come on to you in the nightclubs and agencies that attempt to sell you a full package deal (photographs, makeup, acting lessons, all for a large fee) should signal a red flag. If an agency asks you for out of pocket money beyond the customary expenses associated with of publishing your new headshot or composite card, be careful! Some “so called” agencies will even attempt to give you a “full service” package, take your cash, and offer to finance the balance… definite red flag.

Agents charge 10% to 20% depending on the job. Agents cannot charge you anything up front. They receive their commission only after you have been paid for work accomplished. There are different types of agents. Some agents represent both models and actors and some just undertake talent, which includes actors, singers, dancers, etc.

Always find your own photographer and workshop. An agent may suggest a certain photographer or workshop, but be comfortable with the selection. Workshops are very helpful and can do a lot to improve your performance, but specific workshops should not be mandated by an agent.

As I mentioned earlier, have a few pictures taken, spend some time professionalizing your 800Casting profile then visit several agencies, and listen to what the agents have to say. Speak with other models. Get a feel for the business. The key words here are “visit several agencies.” Unless you become “exclusive,” which generally applies to print models only… avoid signing any contracts. No agent can guarantee you work. They can help you develop skills, send you on auditions and open doors but they cannot guarantee the work.

You must be available ALL DAY or ALL NIGHT to work. Filming hours are usually long! Sometimes 8-12 hours, sometimes longer. You will do a lot of sitting, but you are being paid to sit and wait just for the right time for you to be used in the scene. You should bring something to amuse yourself, like a book, sewing, games, et cetera, just to pass the time.

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