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    Youth TV Commercial Workshops
AGES:  7-13

This Youth Commercial Workshop focuses on teaching your children how to succeed during a Casting Audition. It develops their confidence and provides them with a real head start!

Barbara's students book jobs because:
Unlike conventional workshops that only lecture about acting techniques, Barbara teaches students "on-camera" experience and confidence.

How does Barbara do this?

Barbara works daily with the clients who make booking decisions. 
      She knows exactly what clients look for 
      She teaches talent how to market themselves effectively to clients

DiPrima workshops are interactive on camera experiences, not lectures. Student's performance is video taped, evaluated, and then critiqued in class by Barbara DiPrima.

This 3 hour interactive workshop will cover:
    Explanations about the What, Why and How to of auditions
    The check-in process 
    Prop Handling
    How to book the job

Tuition: $95.00
Returning students: $50.00

Next scheduled workshop is: 
- - Saturday, February 11th, 2006
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